Co-Addicted Relationships
The Journey from Addiction to Recovery in Relationships is a four CD set. Pia describes the internal dynamics in addictive relationships, how codependence sets up these dynamics and how to have healthy relationships.

Codependence Defined & Discussed
The Internal Dynamics of Addicted Relationships
Recovery from Addicted Relationships
Healthy Relationships

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Codependence Recovery, Spirituality & Self Care
Spirituality � What is it? In this four CD set, Pia discusses child abuse and its relationship to spiritual growth and development.

Spirituality Defined and Discussed
The Source of Spirituality
Child Abuse: How it Bars Spiritual Growth & Development
Codependence Recovery: Self-Care and Spiritual Growth

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Mapping Your Recovery
Pia addresses recovery in a way that makes it possible to see where you are in this process. This single CD covers the stages of recovery as well as recovery from the standpoint of five concurrent processes.

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Codependency and Parenting
This is a three CD set that explores the issue of parenting. Pia discusses healthy vs. unhealthy parenting. She also discusses how to heal and re-parent the inner wounded child and how to effectively parent our own children no matter what their ages.
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Permission to be Precious
The Permission To Be Precious CDs facilitate the beginning of the recovery process. Pia builds her therapy model from this base of knowledge that has successfully launched thousands on the road to recovery. This series is the cornerstone and is appropriate for both clients and therapists needing to embrace this dynamic recovery model. Pia describes in detail the nature of codependence, how it manifests in our adult lives and how to recover. Permission To Be Precious is designed for Therapists and recovering Adult Children of alcoholic and/or dysfunctional family systems. Complete with booklet. Includes six CDs contained in a special case.
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Power and Intimacy in Relationships
This two CD set discusses healthy and unhealthy relationships and provides an example of how boundaries are used to create true intimacy and power sharing.

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Relationships and Recovery
This four CD set provides information explaining how important relationships are affected by recovery and how to negotiate problem areas that are provoked by the recovery process.

Overview of Relationships in General & Recovery
Overview of Relationships in General & in Recovery (cont.)
Power, Emotional Involvement and Values in Relationships
Realistic Expectations
Complete with booklet.
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In this two-CD set, Pia Mellody discusses the emotion Shame and its relationship to the disease of codependence and recovery.

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Spirituality and Sexuality
Spirituality as well as sexuality are both relationship issues. Spirituality is about experiencing moments in a relationship with a power greater than self that imbues an individual with a sense of self love. Sexuality is about experiencing one�s sexual/sensual self and can, of course, be done in conjunction with another person. In this two CD set, Pia shares her ideas about both of these topics and how they are interrelated.
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The 'Roots' of Codependence
Pia takes a look at how codependence develops and why. This two CD set is an excellent lecture to give a clearer understanding of this disease. Recommended for all.

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The Nature Of The Inner Child
Pia�s concept of the �Inner Child� is that it is the part of the self that got injured by relational wounding and now needs healing through the re-parenting process. On this CD she discusses the wounded child, the adapted adult child and the functional adult.
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Value, Power and Abundance
In this CD Pia discusses:

How relational trauma in childhood creates the core issues;
How the core issues are related to our internal experiences of value, power & abundance; and
How core recovery establishes a sense of balance and makes it possible for us to be relational.
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Boundaries As A Spiritual Practice
Pia explores the concept of boundaries in daily spiritual life in this single CD. Functional internal and external boundaries are the basis for spiritual life and essential parts of recovery.

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Love Addiction / Love Avoidance
Pia outlines the debilitating toxic patterns played out by love addicts and the unresponsive love avoidants to whom they are painfully and repeatedly drawn. She presents a realistic positive process for recovery.

This two CD set was recorded from a live lecture series.

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Boundaries Original And Revised
This set includes the original two CD set and two new CDs. Pia defines and discusses the nature of boundaries including their purpose, composition and how they function. She then continues to discuss how to set up a working system so that you can protect yourself and have a better sense of who you are. As Pia has worked with boundaries over the decades she has modified and expanded the concept of internal boundaries.

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