The Intimacy Factor
In her first book in over ten years, internationally recognized expert on dependence and recovery, Pia Mellody, shows us how to break free from harmful relationships and to learn how to attain the intimacy we need and deserve. This invaluable resource helps diagnose the causes of faulty relationships--many of them rooted in childhood--and provides tools for self-healing so that we can move on to establish and maintain healthy relationships. Through Mellody's unique system of boundary practice, developed over her twenty years as a counselor and consultant, you can: Learn effective ground rules to achieve and sustain true intimacy, Attain self-esteem and emotional stability, Understand your strengths and limitations, and Acquire concrete tools for building healthy relationships.

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Facing Codependence
In this fresh new look at codependence, Pia traces the origins of the illness back to childhood, describing a whole range of emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical and sexual abuses. Showing how, because of these early experiences, codependent adults often lack the skills necessary to lead mature lives and have satisfying relationships. Central to Pia�s concept is the idea of what she calls the �precious child� that needs healing within each adult. Recovery is achieved by learning to re-parent oneself. Pia creates a framework for identifying codependent behavior and outlines effective therapy for recovering from the trap of codependence.
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Facing Love Addiction
In this book, Pia describes in detail the dynamics of a co-addicted relationship, the symptoms of each partner, and the stages of addiction from attraction and fantasy to denial and obsession. She provides a practical recovery process for love addicts and their partners based on Twelve-Step work, exercises, and journaling. Pia�s clear guidelines will comfort and motivate all those who seek to establish healthy love relationships.
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Breaking Free
Your childhood trauma issues with major caregivers.
Your process of adaptation in to the disease.
Your adult disease state using the 12 steps as a model.
Acquire concrete tools for building healthy relationships.
This workbook also includes specific exercises for getting into an ongoing process of recovery and journaling your progress.
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